Autistics interests and Affinity Therapy VS. French psychoanalysts interests

No time to write a correct “statement” (sorry) : I paste below a message I’ve just sent to Mr. Ron Suskind and his crew.
This is about the problematic exploitation of ourselves and our ideas by the psychoanalytic lobby, namely through this “Colloque International“.

Dear Mr.  Ron Suskind, dear Jessica,

First of all, thanks so much to Sophie Robert, our “whistle-blower” helping a lot the cause of autistics, which is very particular in France.
Autistics are very grateful to her, for what she made with her movie “Le Mur”.

We strongly agree with what she explains to you.

We are an autistics’ self-advocacy organization, struggling to survive amongst the numerous “institutional” traps and difficulties we are facing in our country.

Myself, I am a high functioning autistic, “survivor of psychiatry”, having lost 15 months of my precious life forced into a surrealistic psychiatric detention, 20 years ago.

I want to tell you that we have absolutely nothing against the affinity therapy, and that all this seems of good sense.
As long as the goal is the well-being of the autistic person herself, and not the strengthening of a well-paid lobby using us like “fuel”, any approach seems interesting.

Being myself someone very creative and inventive, let me say that I love your ideas, at least according to the few lines that I’ve read.

And we sincerely welcome our autistic friend, Owen (the son of Ron), in our country.
We would have preferred that to happen in a different way, and we don’t see any “self-advocacy group” in the conference (anyway there are only 2 or 3 in France), but here psychiatry rules, not us.
Autistics are not even invited to the event, and anyway the prices are very high for us, who all live in difficult conditions.
Myself I’m currently in a temporary (chosen) exile, far from France, far from all that nonsense and suffering, for my mind’s sake and peace.
And also for the safety of my body, since few countries do “jail” autistics just for… being autistic (and supposedly “psychotic” or “dangerous to self or others” and all the usual old pretexts).

You may read what I explained at the UN Human Rights Committee to M. Gerald L. Neuman (professor at Harvard School of Law, who liked it), regarding my incredible psychiatric detention (about which I’m preparing my first book), here :

And also, if you can, please see also what I said at the WHO :

My aim with these 2 links is not to stress on my individual person, but to show you how things are done in France. I think it’s important for you to know where you set foot…

I was glad to read, at the end of your explanation message, that you intend to make things very clear during your event : I hope that you will be able to show diplomatically that psychoanalysis is not indispensable for your nice invention.

Indeed, the “bad guys” apparently tried to take advantage of your lack of knowledge about all these nasty french subtleties, thus why not taking them in their own trap…

We are writing to you very sincerely ; we don’t have any financial interests, therefore you can have no doubt about the neatness of our motivations.
Anyway we are all autistics.

We would love to get in touch with other autistics in the US, with Owen, with Ron and other people willing to help us ; we know that it’s not so difficult but we are really overwhelmed by our problems.
The exhausting lack of time, due to the unbearable pressure of the majority and all its’ rules and procedures and conventions which never include us, make our life really really difficult. Without inventions and originaly and “DIY”, I would never have been able to reach my current “level” and you would not read me.

We plan to release a text expressing publicly all that, but we don”t know where to send it.
We dont even hope that someone in the event could read for us a short statement from us, from the autistics…

Thank you very much for all you are doing for us.

Please forgive our communication problems, with sometimes some statements not very “socially correct”.

Oh, btw. you may see here that we have made a group gathering the “most prominent” autistics self-advocates, with famous and appreciated “ambassadors” like Josef Schovanec or Hugo Horiot… However, we have not been invited as speakers… Let’s be clear : these doctors and scientists don’t care about us, but about themselves and their jobs (and ideologies).


Eric LUCAS (Autiste Atypique)
Délégué Général (AA)

ONG d’autistes pour l’entraide et la défense globale des autistes
enregistrée en France sous le numéro W691085867

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