Autistics interests and Affinity Therapy VS. French psychoanalysts interests

No time to write a correct « statement » (sorry) : I paste below a message I’ve just sent to Mr. Ron Suskind and his crew.
This is about the problematic exploitation of ourselves and our ideas by the psychoanalytic lobby, namely through this « Colloque International« .

Dear Mr.  Ron Suskind, dear Jessica,

First of all, thanks so much to Sophie Robert, our « whistle-blower » helping a lot the cause of autistics, which is very particular in France.
Autistics are very grateful to her, for what she made with her movie « Le Mur ».

We strongly agree with what she explains to you.

We are an autistics’ self-advocacy organization, struggling to survive amongst the numerous « institutional » traps and difficulties we are facing in our country.

Myself, I am a high functioning autistic, « survivor of psychiatry », having lost 15 months of my precious life forced into a surrealistic psychiatric detention, 20 years ago.

I want to tell you that we have absolutely nothing against the affinity therapy, and that all this seems of good sense.
As long as the goal is the well-being of the autistic person herself, and not the strengthening of a well-paid lobby using us like « fuel », any approach seems interesting.

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