United Nations Human Rights statement for the World Autism Awareness Day (2 april 2015)

MISE A JOUR du 5 avril 2015 :
voici la TRADUCTION EN FRANCAIS de l’article des Nations Unies présenté et cité ci-dessous :

Note :
It is likely that the efforts of Erich of Autistic Minority Internatonal (to which we are contributing) have led the UN to decide to make this special statement about autistics.
Erich participated to 25 meetings at the UN in 2014. He has helped modifying several important texts, and I have been lucky enough to follow that, sometimes in real-time.
This year, Alliance Autiste released an alternative report for the UN CRC.

For World Autism Awareness Day – Wednesday 2 April 2015
Discrimination against autistic persons, the rule rather than the exception
– by UN rights experts –

GENEVA (30 March 2015) – Two United Nations human rights experts today called for an end to discrimination against autistic persons and a celebration of diversity. Speaking ahead of World Autism Awareness Day, the Special Rapporteurs on the rights of persons with disabilities, Catalina Devandas Aguilar, and on the right to health, Dainius Pūras, noted that about one per cent of the world’s population -some 70 million people- is estimated to be on the autism spectrum worldwide.

“As part of human diversity, autistic persons should be embraced, celebrated and respected. However, discrimination against autistic children and adults is more the rule rather than the exception.

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About Girls and Women on the Autistic Spectrum

Please CLICK HERE for the presentation about
About Girls and Women on the Autistic Spectrum

This presentation has been prepared for the conference
Re-Thinking Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality in 2015 and beyond
held at UNESCO’s Paris Headquarters
on the 4th of march, 2015,
by Alliance Autiste member Laëtitia Sauvage,
and our colleague from Autism Women Matter UK, Monique Blakemore.

(With the support of Autistic Minority International)

Rapport alternatif de l’Alliance Autiste au Comité des Droits de l’Enfant de l’ONU — Complementary report for the United Nations Child Rights Committee

L’Alliance Autiste

vous invite à prendre connaissance de son

Rapport alternatif au Comité des Droits de l’Enfant de l’ONU, au sujet de la France

(Complementary report -in English- for the

United Nations Child Rights Committee, regarding France)

Ce « contre-rapport » sera examiné en juin 2015 par les membres du Comité des Droits de l’Enfant du Haut Commissariat aux Droits de l’Homme de l’ONU, qui tiendront compte de nos remarques dans l’examen du rapport de l’Etat français, dont les représentants doivent comparaître lors d’une session officielle d’examen de la France en 2016 à Genève à l’ONU au Palais Wilson.

De telles actions peuvent paraître lentes et lointaines, mais cela permet pourtant de faire évoluer les lois nationales, et de nous donner des outils pour nous défendre, comme par exemple avec la CDPH ou la résolution WHA 67.8 de l’OMS, ou encore le récent rapport du Commissaire européen aux Droits de l’Homme.

Nous tenons à remercier vigoureusement Magali Pignard, membre de l’AA, pour la réalisation de cet important travail, ainsi que pour ses connaissances, son engagement et son dynamisme.

Merci beaucoup également aux autistes et parents d’autistes ayant participé à la traduction en anglais : Gabriel‏, Elodie, Peter, Madeleine, Françoise‏, Ruth‏, Pascal, Christophe, Paul, V.E. et notre collègue Asperger Matthieu Lancelot, traducteur diplômé.

Autistics interests and Affinity Therapy VS. French psychoanalysts interests

No time to write a correct « statement » (sorry) : I paste below a message I’ve just sent to Mr. Ron Suskind and his crew.
This is about the problematic exploitation of ourselves and our ideas by the psychoanalytic lobby, namely through this « Colloque International« .

Dear Mr.  Ron Suskind, dear Jessica,

First of all, thanks so much to Sophie Robert, our « whistle-blower » helping a lot the cause of autistics, which is very particular in France.
Autistics are very grateful to her, for what she made with her movie « Le Mur ».

We strongly agree with what she explains to you.

We are an autistics’ self-advocacy organization, struggling to survive amongst the numerous « institutional » traps and difficulties we are facing in our country.

Myself, I am a high functioning autistic, « survivor of psychiatry », having lost 15 months of my precious life forced into a surrealistic psychiatric detention, 20 years ago.

I want to tell you that we have absolutely nothing against the affinity therapy, and that all this seems of good sense.
As long as the goal is the well-being of the autistic person herself, and not the strengthening of a well-paid lobby using us like « fuel », any approach seems interesting.

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AMI-AA-ESH joint contribution to the United Nations OHCHR study on the right of persons with disabilities to live independently and to be included in the community

Click here to download the joint contribution of

– Autistic Minority International (AMI)
– Alliance Autiste (AA) (France)
– Enthinderungsselbsthilfe von Autisten für Autisten (und Angehörige) (ESH) (Germany)

to the United Nations Office of the High Commissionner for Human Rights
study on the right of persons with disabilities to live independently and to be included in the community